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The 6 key steps to recruitment and retention in the Hybrid working era

June, 2022

By: John Bradbury

EMA’s People Experience Growth Advisor

It is essential that employers recognise we are in the era of Hybrid working, and that you can use this to retain valuable staff and recruit talented new employees. The businesses that plan and implement hybrid working will effectively make significant productivity gains. Those that don’t will find it harder to recruit and retain staff and difficult to grow their businesses.

Hybrid working isn’t a magic wand, it needs to implemented to meet your business’s objectives. Businesses need to consider issues such as, whether there are employees whose jobs can’t be hybrid, employees who need the social interaction of the workplace, and managers who must develop new skills to manage staff they don’t see every day.

There are 6 key steps to implement an effective hybrid workplace:

  • Identify the suitability of roles for hybrid working
  • Consult with staff and establish clear protocols to decide what hybrid looks like
  • Ensure contracts are amended to reflect the new working conditions
  • Integrate hybrid working into your recruitment and retention practices
  • Increase investment in managerial skills
  • Enhance Well Being initiatives

Is your business ready for the hybrid era? Your current and future employees will look at your hybrid policies and practices when making decisions about their employment now, and in the future.

To access templates and guides, find out how other businesses have successfully implemented hybrid workplaces and hear how we can ensure your business is more productive, contact the EMA People Experience team now. We will share our best practice and practical guidelines with you.

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