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Seeking businesses interested in workplace based vaccinations

July, 2021


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COVID-19 rollout is Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest ever immunisation programme and workplaces have an important role to play to support the programme’s success and can support their staff to get vaccinated locally. They can communicate through their channels to staff, clients and suppliers and support the vaccination effort by sharing accurate and reliable information from trusted sources –,, and

In addition, to ensure all New Zealanders can access the vaccine, some workplaces will be able to provide vaccinations in the workplace as part of the Group 4 (general population) rollout. This is because we know there are a number of people who, due to work rosters for example, would find accessing the vaccine at work easier, as they do with the influenza vaccine. 

The Ministry of Health is inviting workplaces and vaccination providers to express their interest in being part of workplace vaccinations as part of Group 4, if they meet the eligibility criteria and requirements. The focus is on larger workforces, Māori, Pasifika, and rural workforces, as well as workforces where it might be difficult for workers to find time to be vaccinated, such as shift workers.

Expressing interest in the initiative does not formally commit the workplace or vaccination provider. You can read more about workplace vaccinations and how to express interest in the programme on the Ministry of Health website.

While we encourage workplaces to express interest in this programme, they should also consider other ways they could support workers getting a vaccine, such as allowing workers to be vaccinated during work hours, and sharing accurate and reliable information from  and

Webinar: Vaccinations in the workplace  – Friday 16 July 11.00am to 12.00pm

BusinessNZ with support from PwC will be hosting a webinar about the EOI process on Friday 16 July, 11am to 12pm. Health will discuss what’s required to offer workplace vaccinations and the EOI process, and be available to answer your questions.  

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

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