Manage your business information intelligently

July, 2021

By: Vanessa Hurt

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New Zealand has a variety of recordkeeping legislation relating to business information. Financial and commercial legislation requires businesses to provide financial reporting on transactions, GST and income tax. Employment legislation dictates that employers must keep track of holidays, wage records, contracts and more.

This adds up to a lot of paper and storage space. Even if you are managing to digitise a large percentage of your business documentation, there will always be those pesky files you need to retain in a physical format.

That’s where TIMG (The Information Management Group) comes in. As their name dictates, they are the experts in managing business information and at helping you come to grips with the mountains of paper, files or storage boxes that you might have piled around your office. With over 30 years of experience, TIMG solve information management challenges for thousands of businesses of all sizes across New Zealand via their network of over 250 staff at 10 branches nationwide.

TIMG built their business around their core services (offsite records storage, vault-based media storage, document destruction and third-party logistics) but also offer a complementary suite of digital solutions.

Another important consideration in relation to business information management is the Privacy Act 2020. This Act has 13 information privacy principles which set out how your organisation should handle personal information. The Act promotes risk management of personal information held by any organisation or business (agency). If an agency has a privacy breach that causes serious harm or is likely to do so, it must notify the Privacy Commissioner. It is imperative that any personal information gathered is stored in a secure environment to avoid a data breach under the Privacy Act.

By outsourcing storage of physical and digital records to a trusted third-party provider such as TIMG, you are ensuring that not only are you freeing up office space for other more important functions, but you are also guaranteeing the security of your business information and not exposing the information to any risk resulting from loss, damage or unauthorised access. TIMG premises and processes have been built, tested and approved with the utmost security in mind and strictly adhere to industry guidelines and regulations.

Archiving files and business documentation also takes time and resource. TIMG helps to solve this problem with optional archiving services for your files and documents. Matched with advanced yet user friendly software, you can securely access your complete inventory online to easily catalogue, retrieve, digitise and destroy your documents on demand.

And finally, once your information has reached the end of its retention period it is important that you destroy it, as in most cases it is an offence to keep the information longer than required. TIMG can securely destroy your files, folders and documents and send the paper for recycling. 99% of the paper destroyed by TIMG is recycled to pulp – meaning more sustainable paper practices for your business.

Managing your business information is easy when you engage the experts.

Vanessa Hurt, National Marketing Manager, The Information Management Group (TIMG)

About TIMG: With over 30 years of industry experience, Timg solves information management challenges for clients across New Zealand.  With an extensive network of over 250 staff at 10 branches nationwide, TIMG are trusted by over 15,000 organisations across Australasia and are wholly New Zealand owned, backed by the strength and heritage of Freightways, which includes other well-known NZ businesses such as New Zealand Couriers and Post Haste.

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