Welcome from the CEO

Brett O'Riley

Time to Transform

Our team of five million has been congratulated many times for our success in dealing with the COVID-19 public health crisis. We now need the same effort in dealing with the COVID-19 business crisis. Several factors make this a crisis: some of our sectors like shopfront retail were already under pressure from on-line competitors and have been further impacted by the lockdown and aftermath tourism was coming off its historical high growth period as we entered the 2019-20 peak summer season International markets are now unstable with demand uncertain, though fortunately China is holding up to date quarantine capacity limitations

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Last Month's Welcome from the CEO

A focus on recovery

Recovery, it is the word of the day as businesses try to return to something like normality. For many in New Zealand this will feel like enough, but I think we must go further and grasp the opportunity to truly transform our economy with sustainable growth. Shovel ready projects and other economic stimulus will be important in minimising short to medium-term unemployment, and keeping our communities intact. But in parallel, we have the opportunity to build a more productive and resilient economy, capable of generating the returns we will need to repay the mountain of debt we have provisioned. Already

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