Jay Amelia Stone

Lockdown highlights the power of virtual training

The EMA faced many challenges during the COVID-19 lockdown, including how to offer courses to members when our training rooms were suddenly out of bounds? There were also questions around if there would still be an appetite for training when everyone was focused on keeping their businesses afloat. Demand for some of our courses did drop, but we also saw an increase in members looking to make productive use of time in a ‘bubble’. This desire for professional development prompted the EMA to pivot and deliver courses via ‘virtual training rooms’, putting Microsoft Teams to good use. What we learnt

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Last Month In Training

How to survive and thrive in the longer term

With New Zealand now at Alert Level 1, businesses are focussing on how to survive and thrive in the longer term. Here are some things to consider. 1. Protect and build your cash In tough times cash is king. Track your cash closely with an accurate, longer term, cashflow forecast. Receive payments faster: some businesses will fail and fail fast. To ensure you are paid quickly, utilise prepayments, deposits, credit card payments, direct debits and prompt debt collection. If you have debt, maintain clear communication with your lender to ensure confidence. Build your cash reserves, there will be many opportunities

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