July 2020

Time to Transform

Our team of five million has been congratulated many times for our success in dealing with the COVID-19 public health crisis. We now need the same effort in dealing with the COVID-19

Advocacy in real time

Member feedback was a critical component of the EMA’s advocacy programme during the peak of the COVID-19. Advocacy can often be a slow moving process but the almost real-time feedback we were

Time for a tech-led recovery

“Technology was critical during the pandemic lockdown; now it can play an equally important part in NZ’s economic recovery”.  It’s fair to say that most of us haven’t experienced anything quite like

ChargeSmart adjusts to COVID-19

ChargeSmart chief executive Nigel Broomhall was on his third trip to the US in 2020 when countries started going into COVID-19 lockdown. “I was in New York of all places,” said Nigel.

Into the Breach

According to Economic Development NZ’s Dr David Wilson, New Zealand can emerge relatively unscathed from the COVID-19 pandemic if businesses focus on being connected, responsive, adaptive and fleet-footed in a joined-up NZ

Welcome to Sweden

Geographically Sweden is one of the biggest countries in Europe with almost 100,000 lakes and over 200,000 islands, although less than 1000 of these are inhabited. Bordering Norway and Finland and connected