Advocacy in real time

Member feedback was a critical component of the EMA’s advocacy programme during the peak of the COVID-19. Advocacy can

What are ‘germs’?

The word ‘germ’ is a generic term for bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and helminths. These are collectively known as

Into the Breach

According to Economic Development NZ’s Dr David Wilson, New Zealand can emerge relatively unscathed from the COVID-19 pandemic if

Welcome to Sweden

Geographically Sweden is one of the biggest countries in Europe with almost 100,000 lakes and over 200,000 islands, although


Since it was first established by Mike Moore as ‘TradeCom’ in 1986, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) has

A family’s custard square legacy

The Timaru-based Templeton family is building a custard square legacy. Denheath was originally a café, which Lisa Templeton’s parents

Otis Oat Milk-ing it

Since launching less than a year ago, Otis Oat Milk has exceeded all expectations. Founders Tim Ryan and Chris

Time for a tech-led recovery

“Technology was critical during the pandemic lockdown; now it can play an equally important part in NZ’s economic recovery”.