MaDE2020: Synergies in New Zealand Manufacturing, Design and Entrepreneurship

MaDE2020 has been postponed until further notice. Conference dates are to be advised, likely to be in late 2020.

Circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have dictated that the MaDE2020 Conference Organisers have postponed the event until later this year. This decision was taken after engaging with various stakeholders including sponsors and exhibitors. Obviously the hosting of MaDE2020 in May 2020 would have been impossible.

As most are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications have been grave and the escalation worldwide in recent weeks and days is very concerning. The MaDE2020 Organising Committee has been monitoring the situation and reviewing all available options, with the health and safety of everyone involved being our priority.

The preparation for MaDE2020 has been ongoing since June 2019 with many colleagues including authors, reviewers, sponsors, exhibitors and of course all those already registered, contributing towards making MaDE2020 another successful event. Postponing rather than cancelling MaDE2020 outright will safeguard all the hard work done to date. The new dates for MaDE2020 will be decided after the New Zealand COVID-19 lockdown period has been lifted and will likely be late 2020 at the same venue, Cordis Auckland. This is deemed to be the best solution at hand under these unprecedented circumstances.

In setting the new date, the MaDE2020 Organisers have acknowledged that there will be various limitations such as the availability of keynote speakers, sponsors, abstract authors and delegates. They aim to strive towards ensuring an exciting MaDE2020 Conference Programme with sponsors and exhibitors participating as they intended and abstract authors retaining their opportunity to present an oral or poster if they choose to make themselves available to attend.

It is hoped that all stakeholders understand this decision and continue to support MaDE2020 under the circumstances, acknowledge that for some, the new date may not be ideal, but it is hoped that most, who intended to, will be able to participate in the event later this year. The MaDE2020 Organising Committee is working hard to implement this postponement and will communicate with all concerned in due course to make these changes go as smoothly as possible.

The Organising Committee will do their utmost to ensure that MaDE2020 is yet another successful event. And, last but not least, they send their heartfelt support to all those affected in one way or another by COVID-19.

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