April 2020

Force majeure

After emerging in Wuhan the Covid-19 virus has turned global trade on its head by disrupting critical supply chains from China to international markets in a classic example of ‘force majeure’ which

Regional divergence in Europe

Over the last sixty plus years, the European Union (EU) has expanded its reach by admitting more countries. With the enlargements from 2004 onwards, the EU added 13 new countries, mainly from

Keeping the lights on in a crisis

By now any New Zealand business than can has moved to online and remote working because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This is when you really get to test how well your

Otis Oat Milk-ing it

Since launching less than a year ago, Otis Oat Milk has exceeded all expectations. Founders Tim Ryan and Chris Wilkie were raised on farms in New Zealand and after 10-years in Europe