How digital marketing can help your business recover from Covid-19

June, 2020

By: Rosina Webb

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The last few months have been immensely challenging for everyone. Here in New Zealand we are fortunate that Covid-19 is now largely under control, however now we face the big challenge of rebooting the economy and rebuilding businesses.

I have always said that marketing is not an expense, it is an investment and in this current business recovery phase, it’s more vital than ever to invest in your marketing efforts. With revenue most likely down, you also need to get the best return for your money and digital marketing could be the answer.

Here are our top reasons why:

It’s where everyone is

While New Zealand is out of lockdown much of the world is still indoors, and the online world is the portal for keeping in touch, buying essential supplies and staying informed. We’ve had a glimpse into the future, where video conferencing, online learning and online business are the norm.

An online shop (with a live chat) is now a must for almost every business – if you don’t have one this should be at the top of your to do list. You also need to change your thinking on conferences, events and networking, which are usually instrumental in building business relationships.

Take these online, hold webinars or make use of video content to connect and get your messages out. Webinars and video content don’t have to be highly produced – if you’ve got a smart phone, you can get started now.

Social media use is at an all-time high

Social media platforms have reported worldwide increases in use during lockdown as people look for ways to connect and alleviate boredom. Some of our clients have experienced significant increases in engagement and impressions on their social campaigns over the past 2 months. Now is the time to capitalise on those gains, cement those relationships and keep your customers engaged.

Direct, personalised communication

Your social channels provide the perfect place to communicate directly with both loyal customers and prospects. Make sure you monitor your posts and inbox and respond quickly to comments and queries. People want real time interactions and conversations.
And don’t ignore email. It’s a cheap and effective way of keeping your customers up to date on everything from when you’re open to what you can offer. Just remember there is a fine line with email – you want to keep your customers informed. but not bombard them with so many messages that they unsubscribe.

Fast, measurable results

One of the best features of a digital marketing campaign is the ability to access results quickly, especially when compared to more traditional forms of media. Within two weeks, your campaign will have built up enough data for you to start making decisions on what is working and what needs to change.


Once your digital marketing campaigns are running, they’re not set in stone. You can refine key words, change targeting and update copy and creative instantly. Use this to your advantage. Make sure your digital marketing agency is monitoring your campaign data regularly to optimise results and guarantee you’re getting the most out of every dollar you spend.

One caveat on your content

Although life may feel a lot more like the old normal now, remember that it’s still not business as usual for many people. You may be tempted to revert back to your old habits, but don’t. Your content needs to be empathetic and right for the current context of your market.

Why should you choose digital marketing?

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 crisis has taught us, it’s the importance of agility in business. Companies big and small have had to pivot and redirect in ways that would have been unimaginable last year.

Digital marketing offers the perfect environment to get your message out and connect with your customers through direct, flexible and cost-effective channels.

Rosina Webb is Founder and Brand Director of Energise and Associates. Visit

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