The Induction App – Get the most out of your new employees – even virtually

November, 2021

By: Sussan Ockwell

Ongoing research proves that a new employee’s first three months with a new company are critical.  This early stage determines whether or not a new employee gets engaged, whether they stay, and how productive they will become. 

Unfortunately, during these covid times, many new employees are recruited virtually. They’ve never been to the workplace, and they haven’t actually met anyone in person. More than ever, companies must be intentional about how they design and deliver great onboarding and induction experiences. 

Here’s three best practice induction components that will make a big difference, whether it’s in person or virtually.

  1. Start their induction experience before day one
    (companies that use pre-boarding retain 81% of their new hires)

  2. Give inductees, managers and HR visibility of the whole induction journey
    (61% of best-in-class companies have this)

  3. Organise an induction buddy for them
    (new hires with buddies are 36% more satisfied and integrate more quickly).

For an easy way to embed these best practices and more, check out The Induction App™.  

By Sussan Ockwell

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