Kia ora from the Chief Executive

This month we are highlighting some of our amazing member achievements from Asmuss Steel and Flow Control who celebrated their 100-year anniversary and announced the establishment of a new charitable trust ; Company-X, a multi-award-winning software company who has a developer volunteering to help fight COVID-19 as part of an international project team ; and Hybrid Bikes, a start up from Nelson taking on the big manufacturers of electric bikes. I am constantly impressed with the ingenuity, innovation, generosity and world-class standard of our members. We are so proud to be able to support our member businesses every day so that they can continue to thrive and succeed. 

Kia kaha

Brett O’Riley – May 2021

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Paul Jarvie

Fair Pay Agreements (FPA’s)

Share on email Share on facebook Share on linkedin The Government is delivering on its long-awaited manifesto pledge to introduce FPA’s although they will not

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